How to celebrate a birthday month

It’s May.
May means many things to me. For the last three years it’s been a season of graduations, high school graduations followed by a college graduation including two more college graduations this year. It’s a season of death, with my 23rd cancerversary on the 9th, and also, thankfully, a season of life, with my youngest daughter’s 19th birthday (also on the 9th) and my own birthday on 11th. I turn 46, and you can bet that as long as I am still celebrating there will be none of that “29 for the sixteenth year” nonsense. Age is a gift, and I will greedily grab every day of it. Period.

It’s May, and the theme for the Happiness project this month is work. Wouldn’t you know it? Work. In my favorite month, no less.

I rather slid through April, or perhaps April happened and dragged me along with it. I felt dragged many days. I’m not upset with myself for this since we all experience strange seasons in life. However, I’m also not willing to keep drifting wherever the mood of the day takes me. I want more focus and less noise. More direction and less distraction. Maybe that’s a liberal interpretation of “work” but it’s my happiness project and I get to shape each month to suit myself. I’ve said it a million times, so it bears repeating:

No one is accidentally intentional. A focused life requires work.


Honestly, if I could have anything for my birthday, I would like a house on wheels and the financial freedom to travel in it. Not even a little bit kidding. I’d say unlimited free books, but I kind of already have that, so I’m going bigger.

Obviously, that’s not going to happen this year. But I’m willing to believe it can happen, not accidentally though. But maybe intentionally, my birthday dream can be a reality. It’s going to take…work. See? It does tie in, even in my birthday month.

Even though I’m not chasing happiness anymore, I do find a great deal of satisfaction in doing the work which allows me to embody the person I want to be. It’s not easy, nor is it always fun, to self-evaluate with honesty and transparency. This week alone has provided ample opportunity to understand how other people may see me, and to learn from those experiences how to better express and be myself. I realize not everyone will love me all the time (I’m not the jackass whisperer, after all. I’d take that t-shirt for my birthday in lieu of a house on wheels), but there’s always room for growth.

It’s May. It’s my birthday month. I have work to do because somewhere out there is a tiny house with my name on it, and maybe it even has wheels. Who’s with me?

Image by WinnieC from Pixabay

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